The Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) was established in 2012 by private sector companies in ASEAN, and is the preeminent organization with an ASEAN region-wide mandate to promote and increase trade relations between Canada and ASEAN. In 2024, the CABC was recognized as Canada’s only entity officially associated with ASEAN. The mission of CABC is simple: to to facilitate increased trade and investment in the Canada-ASEAN economic corridor, and to provide our members with concrete commercial opportunities to build and grow their companies. Since it’s founding, the CABC has produced numerous key initiatives to enhance outcomes for Canadian businesses in the region. These include the production of an Opportunities Study for Canadian Companies, and two Surveys of Canadian Business in ASEAN (2013 and 2016) to better understand the obstacles of doing business in ASEAN.

CABC has also jointly produced a first-of-its-kind report detailing the specific economic benefits Canada and ASEAN could expect from a free-trade agreement between the regions. CABC hosts sector-specific events, in addition to the Canada-ASEAN Business Forum (held every 18 months). Events are held across ASEAN and Canada on a regular basis, always in response to the specific business needs of our members. CABC membership includes leading Canadian enterprises active in the ASEAN, and is open to companies conducting business or considering doing business between Canada and the ASEAN region. The Council is based in Singapore, and has a representative office in Calgary, Canada. The CABC is a registered not-for-profit Society in Singapore.

Public Policy Asia Advisor is now a member of CABC (Canada ASEAN Business Council). We look forward to contributing to the Council’s work. Read more: PublicPolicyAsia Advisors (PPAA)