Our CEO for Frontiers: Talking about Food security in ASEAN

We are so honored to informed that our CEO, Mr Pushpanathan Sundram article's about food security in ASEAN is published in one of the top ten journals, Frontiers. Food security in ASEAN: progress, challenges and future This article examines the progress, challenges and future of food security in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) [...]

2022 Outlook: ASEAN’s economic future

We explore what ASEAN needs to do to emerge as a powerful regional bloc 25.01.2022 An interview with Pushpanathan Sundram CEO of PublicPolicyAsia Advisors & former Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for the AEC We continue our short conversations with some of our regular contributors about their outlook for 2022. Here, we speak with Pushpanathan Sundram, [...]

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