Noemie Viterale


Associate Consultant – Public Affairs

Noemie Viterale is an Associate Consultant for Public Affairs based in Singapore.

With a strong international affairs and government policy background, She has dedicated her career to driving food and agriculture policies, sustainable development and policy advocacy, particularly in Asia.

She has actively engaged with governments across the Asia Pacific and Europe and has contributed to addressing environmental and social challenges through collaborative efforts. Her work as a project officer specialising in climate justice at Generation Climate Europe showcased her ability to communicate youth perspectives and advocate for climate action. She contributed to international climate conferences such as COP27, Bonn Climate Change Conference, and Stockholm 50+, which played a pivotal role in shaping policy discussions and fostering meaningful dialogues.

During her tenure at Asia Philanthropy Circle, She led the establishment of the Climate Collective department. Her research expertise and data analytics supported member engagement, while her coordination of logistics for the organisation’s annual conference demonstrated her strong organisational skills. As a Research Assistant at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, She further enhanced her understanding of regional dynamics and policy-making processes and provided valuable insights into the Asia Pacific context.

She holds a Dual Law and International Relations degree from IE University in Madrid, Spain, further enriching her expertise and knowledge. Her practical experience and academic qualifications make her a valuable asset in driving positive change and shaping policies in Asia and beyond.

Her dedication to her areas of expertise, ability to engage with governments and industry, and commitment to addressing regional and global challenges make her an exceptional professional in public affairs.