Taufan Rumawan


Government Affairs Manager, Indonesia

Taufan Rumawan is the Government Affairs Manager for Indonesia based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He is a skilled professional in the field of Government Affairs and Public Policy, covering food, agriculture and halal in Indonesia. With a career spanning six years in government relations, he has gained valuable expertise and knowledge in navigating the complexities of Indonesian government policies and regulations.

In his previous role in government affairs, he obtained permits and licenses across various sectors, focusing on the palm oil industry. This industry holds great importance in Indonesia, and his expertise has been instrumental in ensuring compliance and facilitating the necessary regulatory processes for the company.

He is known for his innovative thinking and ability to engage with key stakeholders, both within the government and industry. His deep understanding of public policy has been pivotal in developing and executing strategies within heavily regulated industries. His experience in the palm oil sector notably highlights his skill in navigating complex regulations and building strong advocacy and working relationships with government officials.

With a proven track record, a strong network of stakeholders, dedication and an insightful approach to government affairs in Indonesia continue to make a difference for clients in Indonesia’s food and agriculture sector, driving positive outcomes.